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Mindful Movement
Parker, CO

Family Mindful Movement Practice Cards

Set of 12 4x6 laminated Family Mindful Movement Practice Cards. My hope is that these card will be a guide for you and your family to connect and grow closer together through yoga, mindfulness meditation, breathing, and relaxation exercises. Each card has it’s own theme and for each card you check in and reflect, practice a new skill, and set an intention to use the new skill in your home.


* Building and Strengthening Your Family Community

* Grounding with Intention

* Honoring our Family Strengths

* Listening with our whole selves

* Cultivating Calm

* Co-Regulating

* Going on a Family Vacation in our Minds—Practicing Stillness

* Finding Peace by Pausing

* Managing Your Monkey Mind with Mindfulness

* Yoga Fun!

* Practicing Kindness

* Attitude of Gratitude

Price: $16.00

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